Una de peces

Recopilatorio de pescaos pillados en el agua, bichos raros y demás…

Todas las fotos sacadas de un post de darkroastedblend

(a whale shark, not that big either)

(photo by Suthep Kritsanavarin)

This is, by the way, officially the largest freshwater fish ever caught…

Here are more record catfish catches:
(images credit: euro-som.de)

This one was caught in France: 106kg, 2.5 meters

Spain: 101kg

Germany: 83kg, 2.2 meters

Kazakhstan: 130kg, 2.6 meters

(photos credit: Michael Pearce, Wichita Eagle, 2004)

(original unknown)

(photo by Jeffrey N. Goldsmith)

(image credit: Frances Tan)

(image credit: Steve Jurvetson)

(original unknown)

(image credit: National Geographic)

(images source)

(image credit: Frances Tan)

(image credit: Edith Widder)

(image credit: David Shale)

(image credit: Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources)

(art installation by Damien Hirst)

(image credit: K. Parkinson, NORFANZ)

(image credit: National Geographic)

(image credit: National Geographic)

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